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Kentucky Running Set, Warwickshire

Kentucky Running Set, Warwickshire

We run occasional Kentucky Running Set workshops in villages around Leamington Spa. We are available to teach KRS elsewhere if anyone would like to invite us.

Cecil Sharp and Maud Karpeles encountered Kentucky Running Set (KRS) on a visit to the Appalachians. Sharp devoted Part 5 of The Country Dance Book to KRS. This exhilarating form of country dancing has figures such as “The Wild Goose Chase”, “California Show Basket”, “Chase the Squirrel” and “Rattlesnake Twist”.
KRS does not involve running, nor any fancy foot work. The local term for having a dance was “running a set”. The figures run on from one to the next, so the dance does keep going for longer than a conventional square dance. Having evolved in small rooms, KRS is usually danced in square sets of 4 couples, but it can accommodate other numbers. Nowadays, with judicious choice of figures, it is often danced in big set formation. We will find a format that enables everyone to dance.


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