Victoria Yeomans with Dave Yeomans

“Finding the Style Whatever the Dance”
Can you dance well no matter what the figures of the dance? Does a triple time dance look and feel different to a reel or a jig? Victoria’s choice of dances will allow us to explore this as we dance to fabulously sympathetic music from Dave. Come along and be challenged to dance better and enjoy it more.
Title Formation Writer/Publisher/
Nampwich Fair Lonngways Dancing Master vol 3, 1727
Interpreted by Pat Shaw
Another Look at Playford
Dr Vincent’s Delight 3 Couple Charles Bolton Occasions
Braye’s Maggot Longways Thomas Bray
Rays of Sunshine, Pearls of Wisdom 3 Couple Victoria Yeomans At Home with Deo Volent
Huntingdon’s Maggot Longways 1721
Humours of the Age 3 Couple Kynaston 1710
interpreted by Pat Shaw
Another Look at Playford
A Last Waltz for Flo Longways Victoria Yeomans At Home with Deo Volente
Wanton Dolly Longways Dancing Master vol 3, 1726
interpretated by Andrew Shaw

Louise Siddons with Linda Game & Ali Messer

“Dancing Beyond the Minor Set”
In this workshop, Louise will present a series of lively dances from the early 18th to the early 21st century that share one notable feature: the choreography takes dancers away from, and then back to, their minor set within the dance. Combining conceptual challenges with uniquely delightful patterns, we’ll enjoy the dances for their own sake while exploring their origins in history, reconstruction choices, and cross-cultural borrowings.
Title Formation Writer/Publisher/
Fair and Softly Triple Minor Walsh 1728
Fair and Softly Longways Int. Tom Cook Come Let’s be Merry (again)
Jaque Latin Longways Willsim 1755 The Playford Assembly
Apollo and Daphne Longways Int. Andrew Shaw Elephant’s Stairs
Mary K Triple Minor Gary Roodman Finite Calculated Figures
Barham Down Longways Playford 1701  
Easter Morn Longways Erna-Lynne Bogue, 1994  
Woodstock Park Longways Int. Andrew Shaw Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dance


Bernie Culkin with Mollie Koenigsberger

Hey! It’s Reely Good.
Zoom dancing has been a lifeline for dancers during lockdown and whilst callers have done a marvellous job adapting dances for Zoom, reels and heys have proved difficult to adapt. This workshop explores a range of reels and heys and encourages participants to enjoy ‘safe’ interaction with fellow dancers once more.
Title Formation Writer/Publisher/
Dr Faustus’s Jig Longways Neal Choice Collection of Country Dances
The Sleepless Swain 2 Couple Pat Shaw New Wine in Old Bottles
The Tuneful Nightingale Longways Kynaston
Int. Andrew Shaw
Emperor of the Moon
Patrick’s Waltz 3 Couple Philippe Callens Continental Capers
The Irish Howle Longways Interpreted by Andrew Shaw Unpublished